Simple & inexpensive website monitoring.

  • One click sign in

    No password, sign in using OAuth (github or google) in one click.

  • Fast checks

    You can set the check frequency down to every 30s.

  • Email and SMS alerts

    Receive fast SMS alerts and nice looking HTML emails.

  • Online reports

    Provide clean online availability reports to your clients. (example)

  • Accept bitcoins

    We accept bitcoins, alongside Paypal and credit cards.

  • Double-check

    Downtimes are confirmed from different locations.

  • API

    Hack and integrate thanks to the API. (doc)

  • Text search

    Match the presence of a string instead of the regular HTTP status.

  • SSL testing

    Receive alerts in case of invalid or expiring soon certificate

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You only pay for what you use, check by check. 1 credit = 1 check.

For example, check5 websitesevery1 minutefor2.93 € / month.

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